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Since I can remember, I have had a passion for hair. Embarking on my journey in 2007 at a renowned salon in Phoenix, which strongly focused on Paul Mitchell techniques, I received invaluable education that laid the foundation for my career. I honed my skills in various Vidal Sassoon inspired cuts and block coloring techniques. Over the years, the hair industry has undergone dramatic transformations, compelling me to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and continuously elevate my knowledge.


With each passing day, my expertise and adaptability have grown, equipping me to tackle any challenge and embrace new opportunities. As a professional, I place immense importance on establishing connections with my clients. I deeply value active listening and understanding their unique hair needs while consistently demonstrating respect for their individuality.


Phoenix-raised, I find solace in the sunny days that grace our city. However, when I'm not behind the styling chair, I prioritize cherished moments with my daughter, family, and friends. These personal relationships bring me joy and fulfillment, nourishing me personally and professionally.

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