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Haircut $30 to $75

Includes wash & style

Base color $65+

A color applied at the root or all over. Comes with style.

Glaze $30+

To enhance, enrich, change match, tone down or intensify natural or color treated hair while adjusting contrast.

Full Highlights $140+

Foils will be placed throughout the whole head, spread throughout the crown, sides and nape. This will give an all over brightness throughout the hair. Comes with toner and style.

Foilage $200+

Is a lightening technique where the painted pieces are placed in a foil for maximum hair lift. 

Foiling the hair keeps the hair moist and provides a much greater lift than an open-air balayage. Comes with style.

Conditioning Treatment $25+

For hair that needs some extra love and is personalized to what the hair needs. Moisture, repair and strengthening.

Partial Highlights $100+

Foils will be placed only on the crown/mohawk  and sides sections of the head. This will still give brightness but with some more dimension. Comes with toner and style.

Color Correction


Cezanne treatment $150+

A formaldehyde-free smoothing treatment that adds a glossy shine while smooths. Restores the bonds to broken or damaged hair.  Leaves wavy or frizzy hair sleek , shiny and manageable, for those who want to keep the curl but cut the frizz.

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